X Shore - Driving the future of electric boating

In the evolution of an industry that has remained steadfast in its traditions, for better or for worse. With new technology and innovative research, smart design and sustainable materials, X Shore embraces the long tradition of maritime craftsmanship while discarding the dirty institution of fossil fuels. We don’t see ourselves as disrupters. We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, but rather to right the ship. To set a course for long-term sustainability that we can all be proud of.

From the Captain.

We all come from and belong to the sea. I’ve always respected my relationship to water, after all, it is 80% of my body and without water there would be no life. For my entire life I have taken notes and learned from the sea. I have experienced everything it has to offer. What it can give, and what it can take away. I have taken this passion for the ocean and transformed it into X Shore. The letter “x” meaning “cross,” as in “cross shore,” to go from one point to another. For me personally it takes on an additional meaning. It represents my journey from one business to another – the eager explorer ready to anchor on a new shore.

In 1996 I trademarked X Shore globally, however it would be sometime before its development began. Several entrepreneurial adventures were to come first, including founding Zound Industries, which introduced me to the bourgeoning technology scene and opened up new thoughts. It wasn’t until 2012 that I began to work with the idea of creating an electric craft, and so X Shore began to take shape. In 2016 we built the first working prototype, and in 2018 X Shore launched the eElectric Smögen 8000 Edition.

The future is bright for our Earth if we want it to be, and we look forward to working with our partners in order to make this so. X Shore is ready to drive this segment, so what are you waiting for? Welcome aboard. – Konrad Bergström, Founder and President of X Shore