Cookie Notice

1. Summary

This Cookie Notice (this "Notice") applies to X Shore AB ("X Shore", "us" or"we"), and how we use cookies on our websites.

We use so-called cookies and similar technology on our website to make the website function properly and in order to obtain information regarding visits to the website.

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer and which contains information. There are two types of cookies. One type of cookie is a so-called permanent cookie, which saves a file permanently on your computer until the file is removed. The other type of cookie is called a session cookie, which disappears when you close your web browser.

We are using both session and permanent cookies in order to customise your user experience on our website, to be able to provide you with better services when you communicate with us and to be able to send advertisements to you. Please see below for further information about what cookies and similar technologies we use.

If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies and similar technologies, you are always welcome to contact us:

2. What do we use cookies for?

We uses the following cookies for the following purposes:

Strictly necessary cookies are necessary for our website to function properly. These cookies do not collect any personal information. If you choose to reject or deactivate such strictly necessary cookies, you will not be able to use all the functions of the website.

Performance/analysis cookies are used to make the experience more user-friendly on our website for visitors, and are used for security purposes. Information from these cookies is also used for statistical purposes, such as to maintain statistics regarding the use of the website, conduct surveys in order to improve our online services and the website, determine which parts of our website that are the most popular and to optimise the use of the website.

Advertising cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the website to be able to provide advertising on other websites about our services.

Cookies are required for basic site features and are therefore always enabled. Among other things, cookies are found on the site you've been to during a session. If you request, they can remember between sessions.

Statistics cookies help us understand how to use our site and improve it by collecting data anonymously.

Social Media cookies allow you to connect to your social networks and share content from our site on social media. Advertising cookies (third parties) gather information to show ads that are more relevant to you. If you visited our site, these cookies are used to make targeted advertising in different social media channels.

We use Google Analytics to see how our visitors use our site. The data we save can not be used to identify you, but you are completely anonymous. The information is collected and saved by Google.

In your browser, you can adjust the settings for cookies. Most often you can read more about different types of cookies there as well. What the settings look like vary from one browser to another. But basically everyone has settings that inter alia block all cookies, limit usage to first-hand cookies or help you erase all cookies stored on your computer. Some of our services may not work if you block or delete cookies.

A complete list of the cookies used by X Shore on the website can be found in the table of cookies below:

Cookie name
1. _ga Google Analytics
2. Facebook Pixel

Description of purpose
1. Improve user experience
2. Social Media & Advertising

When do the cookie expire?
1. 17th of January 2021
2. 17th of January 2021

1st or 3rd party cookie?
1. 3rd
2. 3rd

3. Can users avoid cookies?

You can choose whether you wish to accept cookies. By adjusting the web browser, you will avoid receiving cookies and you can also use your browser to delete cookies. The method used to block or delete cookies will depend on the web browser used. Where you choose to allow our cookie use, please be aware that we will collect information as stated above until you opt out from our cookie use.

If you have any questions regarding your choices around cookies, please contact us the contact details set out above.

For more detailed information regarding cookies, please visit

4. Updates to this Notice

In order to ensure that we comply with data protection law, this Notice may be changed by us at any time. We will publish any changes made.