Fans of X Shore raised €1.5 Million

We are thrilled to announce that 422 fans of X Shore invested more than €1.5 Million into silent marine mobility without fossil-fuel fumes. Konrad Bergström and the team thank all investors for the trust and the support. Together we look forward to creating value for a more sustainable and innovative future. The investment campaign closed successfully on October 9th, 2019.

“I am really excited to have our new crowd investors on board for the next phase of our journey,” said X Shore Founder and CEO Konrad Bergström. “I’ve put my own money behind X Shore because I want a better tomorrow for our oceans, and I’m confident that together, we can, and need, to accelerate positive change to realise this vision. Our goal is to fundamentally change how we travel at sea and it is incredible to see that so many like-minded investors have decided to back our mission.”

Read more about the successful crowdfunding campaign on, the leading online publication with a focus on startups in Europe.

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