Konrad Bergström, President

March 12 2020

X Shore founder, Konrad Bergström, will continue to spearhead company mission as President

X Shore Founder and President, Konrad Bergström, comments: “I first had the idea for X Shore in the nineties when battery technology wasn’t really around, and people were still happily whizzing around in their diesel motorboats, without a care in the world. But today, thanks to huge leaps in technology - and inspirational people like Greta Thunberg hammering home the message - we are in a completely different place, where sustainability is finally cool.”

“I am really happy to have Peter on board as an investor and shareholder. He is one of Sweden’s top business leaders and someone who really knows how to scale a world-class business. With Jenny and Oscar joining the team, as well as investing in the company, I’m now confident that we have the brains and the brawn to steer X Shore through this new, green decade.”

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