Sounds Of Silence: Swedish X Shore eElectric

November 14 2018

One boat that stood out at Palma De Mallorca Boat Show was the Swedish all-electric boat X Shore eElectric, a slim, streamlined, environmentally friendly and functional boat for its element.

Xshore eElectric has a distinctive Scandinavian design with clean, simple and functional lines. The hull of Xshore eElectric is designed by Glenn Karlsson, who won the Swedish classic boat race Roslagsloppet. Xshore eElectric has an extremely lightweight hull, designed to suck in air from the sides, thus creating a layer of air bubbles between the hull and the water. This leads to reduced friction and energy saving. Together with two propeller tunnels, the eElectric glides perfectly over the water.


Flexibility, function, and easy maintenance have continuously been at the centre of the development. eElectric is not just a daycruiser, it is a boat that can be used whenever you want to or as the perfect tender boat. Xshore’s eElectric open spaces allows you to easily load the boat, or to stretch out and bask in the sun. The flexible seating areas in the stern make it easy to treat your friends to a noiseless evening ride. The raised bow in combination with the low stern creates different

spaces in front of and behind the control column. Unbroken lines and large wooden surfaces provides a balance between traditional boat interior and modern design. An interesting detail is that X Shore eElectric’s design was inspired from the South American electric eel.

Packed with energy

The Xshore eElectric has an advanced propulsion system with dual inboard motors and batteries. Each engine, a Torqeedo Deep Blue 80i 1800, delivers 80 horsepower, enough for speeds in excess of 25 knots. The batteries are made by BMW and feature an advanced water cooling system that provides longer battery life and maximum
performance, giving eElectric a range of 40 nautical miles (75 km) at 10 knots. The design is modular and there is room for up to four batteries and double the range.

“Although it is an electric boat, it’s been important to mirror that, in design and function, we have incorporated decades of boat design into X Shore eElectric. There is lot of experience you do not want to miss out on,” says Marcus von Euler, head designer.

One with nature

The undisturbed experience of being one with nature and the sea, has been a goal throughout the development of X Shore. A noisy engine will drown the sounds of silence – the thought behind this project is for it to be a part of the surroundings.

“At the same time, it has been equally important that the boat clearly shows that it is not a regular boat, but a hypermodern electric boat. It’s a magic feeling gliding across water, only hearing the wind and the sound of the bow splitting the waves, and no smell of fumes from a combustion engine” says Konrad Bergström, founder of X Shore.

Xshore is a boat for the smart generation. It is economical, durable, and cleverly designed. And it’s quiet. The sceptics might say that there isn’t any charging stations at our ports. But the same thing was said when electric cars went on sales. Today, you can charge your car just about anywhere. The very same will apply to boats in a near future.


- Bow thruster
- Dual propellers
- Length: 8 meters
- Width: 2.60 meters
- Weight: 2,2 tons
- Max load: 2,5 tons
- Charging: 9h at 380V (can be charged with regular contact)

- Engines: 2 x Deep Blue 80i 1800
- Battery: 2 x BMW i3 high voltage battery
- Top speed: 25 knots
- Range: 40 Nm at 10 knots. 20 Nm at 25 knots.
- Price: € 300,000


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