Sustainable innovation: beautiful products for a green future

December 08 2019

If generation and storage is one side of the energy coin, the flipside is energy efficient products, which according to Konrad Bergström, founder of Swedish electric boat manufacturer X Shore, must catch the customerʼs eye regardless of their green credentials.

Mr Bergström argues that the constraint of planet-centric design is an advantage when it comes to ripping up the rulebook and creating innovations that improve user experience and enjoyment.

“When we created our Eelex boat, we knew it would be powerful, efficient and quiet compared to diesel-powered rivals, which are all huge benefits. But it also had to appeal to peopleʼs sense of style, functionality and convenience.”

Fellow Swedish brand Volta Trucks is another business

taking advantage of the design opportunities sustainable innovation brings. Head of design Carsten Astheimer explains: “Volta Trucks is the first purpose-built, fully electric truck for use in and around urban areas. The truck is made with a human-centric design approach.

“Without a diesel engine, we are able to completely redesign the cab, with the driverʼs seat in the centre and lowered to optimise the field of view and allow easy access on both sides with sliding doors. Weʼre ripping up the design book on urban trucks and starting again.”

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