Swedish company builds 100% electric-powered boats

June 20 2019

Attempting to bring sustainability to the maritime industry, Swedish company X Shore has built a series of 100% electric-powered boats.

Developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered boats, X Shore built the Eeltrek 8000, the Eelex 800 and the Eelex 6500. All three models feature aerodynamic hulls that reduce friction and energy use by roughly 35% when compared to traditional vessels. Shifting away from fossil fuels and the byproducts of a fossil fuel engine — including toxic fumes and noise pollution — and moving toward electric power with its minimal carbon footprint, X Shore is attempting to combat climate change.

During testing, all three models were capable of travelling at speeds up to 40 knots and travelling roughly 100 nautical miles on a single charge. Depending on power source, the boats can be charged in approximately eight hours and all models feature 24 in monitors and control displays featuring battery charge level indicators. Additionally, customers can customize the interior seating capacity, increasing or decreasing the number of seats and sun beds as well as storage options. Likewise, customers can opt for either 90 kWh or 120 kWh battery options.

“X Shore boats are vanguard in technology, design and sustainability,” said X Shore president and founder Konrad Bergström. “Once you’ve experienced the sea without noise and fumes, there is no turning back. It’s magic. That is why we are so strongly committed to contribute to a fossil fuel free shift of the marine industry.”

Customers can order and customize the environmentally friendly boats at the X Shore website.

Source: Engineering360.com

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