The Ocean Awards Finalist

March 19 2020

X Shore is the Ocean Awards Finalist in the Category Innovation

Now in it's fourth year, the Ocean Awards continue to recognise individuals, companies or groups that have this year publicly introduced innovative measures for reducing stress on the oceans or for improving ocean health; such measures might include business operations which are not undertaken at the expense of the marine environment or development of promising new technologies that benefit of the marine environment.

Criteria: Nominees for this award must have undertaken activities or commitments to significantly develop or implement products, services, processes, or measures that have – or are likely to have – a positive impact on the health of the marine environment.

X Shore is finalist among other four exiting ventures: Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean (MiCO System), SafetyNet Technologies, PROTIX, and Dr. Melissa Garren – Pelagic Data Systems |

Since 2012, X Shore have been designing and building the ‘Tesla of the ocean’. Battery powered, fume-free and silent, X Shore are aiming to tackle marine noise pollution and the use of fossil fuels within the boating industry without compromising design and performance. Unlike electric cars, boats must have enough power to move through water, which is 784 times denser than air. As such, the boats are specifically built for efficiency and speed, powered by water cooled lithium ion batteries.

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