X Shore Eelex 8000 detail

The purpose behind the Eelex 8000 design

June 02 2021

X Shore’s design is distinctively Scandinavian with clean, minimalist lines. The distinct silhouette of the Eelex 8000 edition 2021 is a lighthouse of statements in the transformation that is coming towards the boating industry over the next decade. The unique design that has been refined and refined over the last few years will continue to do so just as nature evolves naturally.

You are the center of the design

By putting you at the center of the design, we have extended the normal saying where form follows function. Instead, we want the function to follow you. You can choose to either take your friends out for a social moment, or you can go for a sportier adventure with your friends, where you go wakeboarding, fishing, or maybe even bring your bikes.

Approved for rough waters

In Nordic regions the weather and the seas can be pretty rough. High winds, heavy rain, waves and swells can be met, no matter where you are at sea. Designed and made in Sweden, we have put our boats to the test time and again in the rough Swedish waters. We are proud to say that our craft weather the storms.

The purpose of having an open stern

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the boat's open stern. Questions usually arise such as “Will the boat get flooded?” or “What about safety?”

The open stern really allows the passengers to experience the silent drive. You merely see the wakes from the propeller and it is an amazing experience. One of the reasons why we opted for an open stern was to improve access to the water be it for leisure (swimming, wakeboard, diving) or professional purposes (fishing, storage).

It’s quite common for boats to have a fairly open stern but the reason why it may feel more enclosed is because there is a large outboard combustion engine at the back. With our 100% electric approach, there is no noisy outboard motor at the back taking up that space. Also, many have so far only seen the boat without the modules on it so as soon as you see the boat with sofas and tables on it starts feeling more enclosed. We are also developing a rail based transom module which will hold fenders and also create a border to the stern.

No issues have been reported with the boat taking in water and the deck has a generous sheer / angle to it to allow for all water to run off at the back.

Designed to blend in with nature

We have designed the Eelex to blend with nature. And for that we've chosen to offer her in three different color ranges. Sandy light, and there will be a moss green. And there's also a coffee black version. The cork deck is easy to maintain and will allow her to stand out against others, but also have environmental benefits, of course.

The minimalist design and flexible configuration of the boats offers a blank canvas for its owner to customize.

Your sustainable journey is our destination.

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