Three Strategies to Increase Your Electric Boat Motor Range

March 09 2021

“How much range does the boat have?”

Arguably one of the most frequent questions we get when people are interested in acquiring an 100% electric boat. Also known as "range anxiety”, it’s one of the biggest hurdles someone faces when considering an electric vehicle.

The general consensus when talking about electric motor range is that you will be limited compared to a combustion engine. While this may hold some truth, it depends on many factors such as the motor batteries power, intended use, boat weight or temperature amongst others.

We understand the concern because, who would like to be left on open waters with a run-down battery?

So we’re here to provide you with 3 ways to maximize your electric boat motor range.

1) Have a high battery capacity

A powerful battery will provide higher power and also an extended time on the water.

Our Eelex 8000 is equipped with 120 KWH liquid cooled IP 67 lithium ion batteries (2 x 60KWH).

Outstanding acceleration and speed, in combination with distance travelled, is critical for a modern lifestyle on the water. In testing, X Shore craft has reached speeds of 35 knots, and a total distance of 100 nautical miles can be covered at lower speeds (around 5 knots).

2) Maximizing usage

Adjusting your speed will affect range tremendously. Lower speeds increase range and vice versa. This means you can multiply your run time by four by reducing your speed from 35 to 5 knots.

Our system provides you with an endurance mode where we automatically limit the speed you can take out to optimize your range.

The idea is to find a balance between top speed and cruising to enjoy the ultimate experience with an optimal range.

3) Accurate navigation and range prediction (app, watch, screen)

Would you drive your combustion vehicle all the way to an empty tank?

While we might know someone with this questionable skill, common sense indicates this is something we would preferably avoid.

Having a system you can rely on with real time information on battery status will help you rest assured that you will make it back to shore and also optimize your performance. Knowing how much battery you have left will allow you to accelerate when needed or back down to increase range.

While in operation the X Shore technology collects an impressive 150 data points per second, providing the user with accurate real-time performance data.

We provide three ways for you to check battery status:

- Console: Fully digital user-interface synced with connected watch and phone app. Equipped with an always visible range & battery-level indication. Our systems will protect the batteries and motor if they are reaching any dangerous levels.

- Smartwatch: Our Garmin MARQ Captain watch allows you to stay in tune with your Eelex 8000 while onshore by notifying you about the charging status.

- App: Stay in sync with your Eelex 8000 from anywhere. Our exclusive app enables you to keep connected to your boat from wherever you are. Features include real-time battery monitor, a countdown to fully charged status, available range, battery temperature, and multiple usage stats.

There are other options for extending your battery duration and therefore your range, like for instance solar panels. Theoretically speaking, adding solar panels would allow for a constant recharging of batteries. However, a few hundred square meters would be needed to fully charge a powerful electric motor. The added weight and limited space currently make it a counter-effective solution.

Are electric boats for you?

Overall, it depends on intended use. Do you prioritize riding in lakes, at distances close to shore or archipelagos? Then electric propulsion is definitely for you.

If you're still skeptical about electric powered boats, you can overcome your concerns by booking a virtual meeting with us.

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