Ep 1: The Dream

August 19 2020

Do you know the feeling when your dream becomes a reality? We will launch the X Shore Eelex 2021 edition in September.

Countless hours of design, creativity and engineering goes into the creation of this unique craft. This is the first episode of a series to show how an artistic craft becomes one with nature and the vision comes true.

X Shore President & Founder, Konrad Bergström - It all made sense, to think of the energy efficiency, to be on the water without noise and fumes, would just create the ultimate experience. I started to work on the name and already, in 1996, I got the global trademark. Unfortunately, the technology wasn't ready and I had to wait until 2016. I was blown away by the new drive trains, with their power and performance.

Three decades have passed since my first initial idea, and it's taken years of full focus to get to the point where we are now. With a product that represents my vision. We will launch the Eelex 8,000 2021 edition. That is something that you don't want to miss.

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