Ep 2: Development

August 23 2020

Our COO, Oscar Fors giving some insight into the engineering of the Eelex 8000 2021 Edition. We are very excited to show you what we have done. X Shore - driving the future of electric boating - will launch the X Shore Eelex 2021 Edition this September. Please feel free to share and help the sea to become emission-free.

I'm very excited about our new eight meter electric boat. The new version inherits most of the great feature and looks from our previous versions, but the new boat has really been designed, bottom up, to be lighter, faster, and more user-friendly.

We have designed the new hull to be efficient in speeds from five to 35 knots, which is very unusual in a boat of this size. Our boats have always been about more than just traveling from point A to point B. It is meant to be a social boat where we can hang out, we can meet up with friends, and we can really interact with the water.

We are digital and electrical natives. Our all electric motor boat is not a conversion or an afterthought, it is designed and built to be this way. We are really proud of presenting our new boat coming this fall.

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