Ep 4: Sustainability

September 03 2020

X Shore - driving the future of electric boating - will launch the X Shore Eelex 2021 edition on September 6th.

This is the fourth episode of a series to show how craftsmanship becomes one with nature and the vision comes true.

CEO, Jenny Keisu

Over the last year we managed to build X Shore from a small startup, to a global leading manufacturer of electric motor crafts. We built an amazing team that are uniquely well positioned. Not only to build high performing, but also sustainable boats in Stockholm at scale. X Shore was built on three pillars, design, technology, and sustainability. And we have kept building on those. And I'm proud to say today, all three are deeply ingrained in the company's DNA.

Building a company that is solving a problem, building a company that is enhancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And on top of that, transforming its own industry. That's something that most people dream of. For us, it's a reality. When you get aboard an X Shore, you will notice the boat is not only built by people who truly love the sea, they also have design technology and sustainability running through their veins. So on behalf of myself, and the full X Shore team, welcome aboard.

Read more on how we we work with Sustainability at X Shore.

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