X Shore Electric Boat - eElectric 8000

October 17 2018

X Shore is at the forefront of a new wave of modern e-boats with the goal to bring sustainability and innovation to the marine industry. X Shore yachts are cleverly designed with a distinctive Scandinavian design.

Electric options are much more climate-smart than traditional gasoline engines. There is no water pollution, there are no fumes and no bad smells. Above all it’s a magic feeling gliding across the water, only hearing the wind and the sound of the bow splitting the waves.

Once you experience the silent electric engine there is no turning back. The energy cost to drive an electric craft is much lower than a boat with a traditional gasoline engine and electric engines need far less maintenance.

About X Shore Electric Boat

X Shore’s founder, Konrad Bergström, is a well known Swedish tech entrepreneur, the “enfant terrible” who founded Zound Industries, with the global success brands Urbanears (headphones) and Marshall headphones and speakers.

He has a profound dedication to new technologies and is committed to finding the best sustainable solutions for the marine industry.

X Shore eElectric 8000

The X shore Electric 8000 is a boat for the smart generation. It is powered with double BMW i3 batteries, for powerful performance. The open modular design of this boat can reach different needs and expectations.

The eElectric 8000 is designed extremely lightweight to reduce friction and energy saving. Two propeller tunnels allow the electric boat to glide smoothly through the water.

The loading capacity of this boat is 2200kg, allows passengers to carry large equipment on the boat.

The bow is uniquely designed for easy docking and entry for passengers.

Specifications of eElectric 8000

  • Curb weight of 2200 kg
  • Maximum load capacity of 2500kg
  • Charging time – 9 hours
  • Top speed of 25 Knots (46.3 km/h)
  • Maximum range- (40 Nmil) 74.08 km

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How to Order eElectric 8000?

You can order this electric boat by submitting your name, email, phone, and country here.

Source: Electricvehicles.in

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