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Konrad Bergström, a founder of the headset and speaker company Zound Industries

From June 20 X Shore will be raising up to €2.5 million in a crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe

Launched in 2008, five years later Zound was judged Sweden's fastest-growing company by Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri, having grown by 10,932% over a period of three years. In 2018, it reported turnover of SEK 1.86 billion ($196.2 million). 

By crowdfunding, Bergström hopes to develop a community of investors with similar commitment to reducing marine pollution. 

While he admits he made "s***loads of money" from Zound, it was only when he bought himself a speedboat with some of that money that he realized he himself was creating a problem. Each time he went out on the sea in his speedboat, he felt at odds with it.

"I was going out as a stressed-out businessman with all the fumes from the engine, and creating sound pollution," he recalls. "Yet I wanted to be in harmony with the sea, to hear the sound of water against the side of the boat, to get my energy back. I couldn't hear the other people in the boat over the noise of the engine."

Source: Forbes

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