Electric-powered X Shore boats combine sustainability with luxury Scandinavian design - USA - Inhabitat

Promising minimal maintenance, lower operating costs and a gorgeous modern design, Swedish company X Shore is making waves in the marine industry with their 100 percent electric-powered yachts. Created as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered boats, X Shore’s pure electric vessels not only offer a shift away from fossil fuels

Founded by X Shore President Konrad Bergström, X Shore currently offers three models: the Eeltrek 8000, the Eelex 8000 and the Eelex 6500. All models feature an aerodynamic

In addition to innovative technology and engineering, the X Shore boasts modern luxury looks that draw from Scandinavia’s rich design culture. The sleek and minimalist crafts feature a modular

“X Shore boats are vanguard in technology, design and sustainability

Source: Inhabitat

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