X Shore Electric Yacht Is Sustainable Luxury That Oozes With Style - USA - Mike Shouts

Not every boat that we come across make us keep ogling over it. Yes, yes. It is true that sometime we do feature some “rather generic” boats, but not this time. This time we are completely swoon over by Swedish company X Shore

Perhaps more importantly, it is 100 percent electric. This means, you’d be able to enjoy the open waters without being plagued by noise from fossils fuel motor and you will not be contributing fumes into the environment. From what we see, X Shore is offering three models

The higher price is probably due to the enclosed cabin that is mostly surrounded by glass. The cabin is also the limiting factor to the number of people it can accommodate. The Eeltrek 8000 is good for 3 people, while the same size Eelex 6500 takes 8 person and the larger Eelex 8000 can cosy up 12 people. Unfortunately, we don’t have details of the drivetrain. All we know is, each is powered by “groundbreaking propulsion system” which is kind of vague.

Both Eelex 6500 and Eelex 8000 makes up to 100 nautical miles (185 km or 115 miles) on a single charge and a top speed of 40 knots, while the Eeltrek 8000 does 90 nautical miles (166 km or 103 miles) and tops out at 35 knots. Beyond that, the three shares pretty much the same features, including a low friction hull that X Shore claims use about 35 percent less energy over conventional boats.

Other highlights include a 24-inch monitor with easy-to-reach control buttons, option for 90 kWh or 120 kWh battery system, charging time of 8-12 hours, and numerous customization options

Now, for the good news. X Shore Electric Yachts are not concepts. The company will actually make you want if you are willing to drop the money. That said, they obviously do not come cheap. Prices start at €225,000 (US$252,000) and €249,000 (US$279,000) for the Eelex 6500 and Eelex 8000, respectively. As for the Eeltrek 8000, it starts at €280,000 (US$314,000).

Source: Mike Shouts

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