X Shore launch in Stockholm

X Shore in the forefront for a healthier ocean environment

Press release • Stockholm, 25 February 2019

X Shore’s founder, the Swedish serial entrepreneur Konrad Bergström, has taken his long-time experience of entrepreneurship to the marine life to develop the market’s most technical advanced and sustainable boats.

- It’s the entrepreneurs’ and innovators’ duty to find solutions for a modern life with as low impact on the environment as possible. At X Shore we are striving to use the most sustainable materials and the most advanced technology to reach our goal as leaders of the segment of high performance electric boats whilst respecting the environment, says Konrad Bergström.

X Shore at Sweden’s biggest boat show with innovative exhibition stand

X Shore’s stand at the Stockholm boat show ”Allt för sjön”, 1-10 March, takes the user experience to the next level by combining X Shore’s three ground pillars: design, technology and sustainability.

Linking robots with electric mobility is part of X Shore’s ambitions. The ”Furhat robot” greets the visitors at the stand and can answer one hundred percent accurate on any question regarding X Shore’s boats. With a peaceful break from everyday life, the visitor will fully experience X Shore’s lead words “The power of Silence” (electric crafts are soundless!), with a voyage for all senses through visual images, X Shore composed music inspired by the sea, scents of tar and enlightening graphics of technology, design and X Shore’s visions on sustainability.

X Shore’s latest boat launch, the well-received 6,5 metre high performance electric motorboat Eelex 6500, will be on display at the stand as well as several details of the boats. A hull upside down will demonstrate the ground-breaking hydrodynamics, which are proved more energy efficient, thus saving battery time and increasing speed.

The booth will be inaugurated on Saturday March 2nd at 3 pm with famous Swedish music artist Ebbot Lundberg on stage, special VIP guests and founder Konrad Bergström presenting X Shore. 

Photo Furhat Robot: here 

Photos X Shore boats: here

Stand Allt för Sjön: AG:35 & AG:38

Launch of the Eeltrek 8000 concept

The new exciting concept Eeltrek 8000, will be launched at the Stockholm boat show. The eight metre Eeltrek 8000 is one of the world’s first high performance electric boats with a sleeping cabin and highly anticipated on the market. The Eeltrek will be presented at the show with detailed graphics as well as the cabin in full 1:1 scale.

Eeltrek 8000 graphics: here 

X Shore’s electrical crafts leading the market

The combination of speed and distance in an electric boat is what makes X Shore’s crafts unique. Today the boats reach top speeds of 40 knots and a fully charged battery can take you a distance of 100 nautical miles. The hydrodynamics is important for the technology to work. X Shore collaborates with Rolls Royce to test and develop the most advanced hull, shaft, propeller and rudder. This, in combination with the boats planing characteristics, provide a minimal drag in the water, resulting in higher speeds and longer reach. The design is inspired by the South American electrical eel, which has a big head, smaller rear and moves fast and powerfully through the water.


Specs Eelex 6500 / Eelex 8000

  • Length: 6,5 m / 8 m
  • Weight: 1800 kg / 2200 kg
  • Depth: 0,6 m / 0,8 m
  • Width: 2,4 m / 2,6 m
  • Charging: 8h on 360 V, 12h on 220 V
  • Top speed: 40 knots
  • Cruising speed: 25 knots
  • Max range: 100 Nautical miles in lower speeds

Videos and photos

Note to editors

X Shore is the Swedish first class manufacturer of 100 percent electrical crafts. With new technology and innovative research, smart Scandinavian design and sustainable materials, X Shore embraces the long tradition of maritime craftsmanship while discarding fossil fuels. X Shore has high ambitions to revolutionise the marine industry to set a course for long-term sustainability that we all can be proud of. Electric crafts are silent, have no fumes, demand hardly any maintenance and the cost to drive an e-craft is almost 10 times less than a boat with a traditional gasoline engine. X Shore’s founder and CEO Konrad Bergström, is a renowned Swedish entrepreneur, co-founder of Zound Industries with the global success brands Urbanears (earphones), Sweden’s fastest growing company in history, and Marshall speakers. Bergström is an UNOPS Innovation Ambassador and is deeply dedicated to saving our oceans.

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