X Shore The Power of Silence

May 27 2020

X Shore is a Swedish company crafting 100% electric boats by combining design, technology & sustainability.

Our inspiration comes from the South American eel; a creature defined by strength and grace.

We modeled our boats after the eel’s robust head and sleek, streamlined body – for the safety of a strong bow, and the silence of a dynamic, powerful vessel, run entirely on electric energy.

We see nature’s design as something to be emulated, something beautiful. At the head of each vessel is a sculpture of the South American eel. We call this sculpture: The Power of Silence. Drawn by William Pacheco and sculpted by Johan Ferner Ström, it pays tribute to our inspiration and serves as a reminder that our vessels work in harmony with nature.

In time, our hulls develop an equilibrium with their environment, taking on the green hues of the ocean through contact with saltwater. No two of our vessels will look alike. They may be subject to the same solid bronze fittings, the care and passion of our engineers and designers, but an X Shore craft is defined by experience.

Coloured and affected by the different tides, each vessel is a reflection of its pilot, of a chosen course, of stories and memories.

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