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From Zound to Silence With Electric Boat Entrepreneur Konrad Bergström

In this episode we meet the man behind Sweden’s fastest growing, and arguably loudest, company – Zound Industries. After recently leaving Zound he went on to start making silent and fast electric boats for a global market. This is the story of Konrad Bergström and his new company X Shore.

Dream Big with Konrad Bergström, Founder of Zound Industries & X Shore

Konrad Bergström is the founder of Sweden's fastest growing company of all time, Zound Industries, that sold over twenty million Marshall and Urban Ears headphones and speakers over a ten year period. After leaving Zound, Konrad embarked on a new entrepreneurial mission to save the seas with all electric boats with his company X Shore.

Konrad Bergström's 20-Year Journey to Creating X Shore

Konrad Bergström and X shore have set out to change the boating industry, one electric motor at a time. Timing is everything for Konrad Bergström. So when he first got the idea for X Shore in 1996, he trademarked the name immediately, but didn’t launch the company he had in mind just yet. It wasn’t the right time.

Electric Boat Builder X shore Champions Emission-Free Sailing

Konrad Bergström, President of X Shore joins us to tell us about their range of electric boats, the development of #electricpower, bringing long-term #sustainability and #thepowerofsilence to your #ocean experience.

Superentreprenören Konrad Bergström (in Swedish)

Superentreprenören Konrad Bergström gästar! Du känner igen hans hörlurar Marshall och UrbanEars, som är sprunget ur Konrads miljardbolag Zound Industries. Möt artificiell intelligens, ADHD och att lansera i 18 länder samtidigt. Hör hans berättelse från 5 miljoner i privata skulder till dagens extraordinära framgångar!

Konrad Bergström, Zound och X Shore (in Swedish)

Konrad Bergström talar ut om ägarstriden på Zound Industries och om sitt nya liv som startup-investerare på bland annat elbåtsbolaget X Shore.