Operating an X Shore craft allows you to explore the oceans, lakes, and nature without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil-fuel engine emits. Knowing that you are connecting to and blending in with your surroundings while travelling in time, without harming the environment, installs a great sense of liberty and harmony.

We believe in change

We believe that it’s possible for an industry that has remained firmly rooted in its traditions, to evolve and steadily adapt to support a cleaner environment. While embracing the culture of maritime craftsmanship, innovative research, and the development of new technology, combined with a sharp design, durable, and sustainable materials, allows X Shore to pioneer this change.

One with nature

Electric power produces a minimal carbon footprint compared to fossil fuels, which helps combat climate change. Toxic fumes and disruptive noises vanish with electrical power. You are free to focus on more important things such as nature surrounding you as your craft quietly glides through the water.

Our nordic heritage

X Shore was born on the Swedish coast, where people and the sea have lived in harmony for centuries. Combining our new technology with traditional maritime craftsmanship, X Shore strives to bring sustainability and innovation to the marine industry. Our goal is to elevate your seafaring experience to a new level while protecting Mother Nature.

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