X Shore


Our sophisticated design and technology enable us to streamline complex machinery into a clean and efficient powerhouse.


Volvo Penta Duo Prop Stern Drive


225 kW engine


120 kWh (2x60kWh) water cooled lithium ION batteries


Electronic fuse box


Our boats can be fully charged in as little as 1 hour, depending on the power source.

The power of silence

Operating an X Shore craft allows you to explore the oceans, lakes, and nature without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil-fuel engine emits. Knowing that you are connecting to and blending in with your surroundings while traveling in time, without harming the environment, installs a great sense of liberty and harmony. You have become One with Nature.

The engine

Outstanding acceleration and speed, in combination with distance traveled, is critical for a modern lifestyle on the water. In testing, X Shore craft have reached speeds of up to 40 knots, and a total distance of 70 NM can be covered at lower speeds.

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