Weight: 2200 kg
Depth: 80cm
Length: 8m
Width: 2.6m
Max load: 2500 kg
Charging: 9 hours at 360 V
Engine: 2xTorqeedo Deep Blue 80i 1800
Battery: 2xBMWi3 high voltage
Top speed: 25 knots
Reach: 40Nmil

Powerful performance and an abundance of energy.

The X Shore eElectric 8000 has an advanced propulsion system with dual inboard motors and batteries. Each of the two Torqeedo Deep Blue 80i 1800 engines delivers 80 horsepower, which is enough for speeds in excess of 25 knots. The BMW batteries feature an advanced water-cooling system that provides longer battery life and maximum performance, giving the eElectric 8000 a range of up to 40 nautical miles.


Double BMW
i3 batteries


25 knots
top speed


nautical miles





The bow is designed for easy docking and entry for passengers.


The welcoming stairs in the bow have been designed for easy access to enter the boat, even from a high dock. 


We understand that everyone has different needs and expectations, which is why our crafts feature an open, modular design for easy customization


Additionally, the loading capacity is 2200kg, giving you the option to haul large equipment on the boat. The area near the stern can also be used to provide additional seating arrangements or host a table depending on the occasion.

Our crafts feature a high freeboard at the bow for a more comfortable journey, to help weather the waves and for the safety of passengers sitting in the area. The freeboard near the stern is lower to allow the breeze to enter more freely and for easy loading and unloading.




Scandinavian design with a state-of-the-art hull.

When the design of X Shore eElectric 8000 Smögen Edition was conceptualized, the goal was to create a boat that was slim, streamlined, environmentally friendly and equipped functionality and practical design details.

The X Shore eElectric 8000 has a distinctive Scandinavian design with clean, minimalist lines. The eElectric 8000 has an extremely lightweight hull designed to take in air from the sides, thus creating a layer of air bubbles between the hull and the water. This leads to reduced friction and energy saving. Together with two propeller tunnels, the eElectric 8000 glides smoothly through the water.

Climate smart and environmental responsibility.

X Shore is a boat for the smart generation. It’s powerful, economical, durable and cleverly designed. And just like the smart generation, we too are concerned about our carbon footprint and restoring the oceans.

Protecting the oceans is important.

X Shore founder, Konrad Bergström, is a UNOPS Innovation Ambassador and is dedicated to engaging people about energy, waste and the biodiversity that can be found in our oceans.

“We’re all from the ocean, and 2/3 of all oxygen comes from the sea, which is why we need to protect it. Unfortunately, today there is more plastic than fish in the sea.  Not only is this heartbreaking, but it is completely unacceptable and totally avoidable. It takes decades, sometimes more, for plastics to be broken down. Not only does this affect the sea life, but unfortunately micro plastics reach us in the water we drink and in the food we eat. That can’t be good.

Climate change is real. Our polar ice caps are melting, reshaping the delicate ecosystems of this planet. We need to stop unnecessary pollution and reduce our carbon footprint to heal our planet. The entirety of the world’s population depends on this. Let’s keep our oceans clean and healthy.