The power of silence

X Shore’s design is distinctively Scandinavian with clean, minimalist lines. Our inspiration comes from the South American Electric Eel, a creature defined by strength and grace. We modeled our boats after the eel’s robust head and its sleek, streamlined body. Creating the safety of a solid bow, and the silence of a dynamic, powerful vessel, run entirely on electric energy. Our Ornament, “The Power of Silence,” is drawn by cult tattoo artist William Pacheco and sculptured by Johan Ferner Ström. It pays tribute to our inspiration and serves as a handle for safe and effortless boarding.

The creation

Crossing shores, being free, connecting with the ocean and being one with nature, is why X Shore was born. Protecting our oceans and raising awareness about climate change is X Shore’s mission. Respecting nature and supporting a clean environment while enjoying the beauty and treasures our oceans offer makes your voyage with X Shore special. Built for adventure, X Shore craft lets you enjoy a diverse array of recreation, exploration and sports activities.

All weathers welcome

At X Shore, we don’t just show you fair weather photos. Let's face it, the reality is quite different, and that especially holds for the Nordic regions where the weather and the seas can be pretty rough! High winds, heavy rain, waves and swells can be met, no matter where you are at sea. Designed and made in Sweden, we have put our boats to the test time and again in the rough Swedish waters. We are proud to say that our craft weather the storms.


The minimalist design and flexible configuration of the boats offers a blank canvas for its owner to customize. Load your mountain bikes and kayaks on the solid carbonfiber roof, fitted with roof racks. Next, switch it and bring along your dive tanks. A system of struts and rails makes it easy to secure different types of loads and to add or move seats.

X Shore personal offer

We offer customers a unique opportunity to sit down with our customer experts to customize your X Shore craft to fit your needs.

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